Support Coordination Services

At Alee Disability Support Services, we are dedicated to transforming the journey through the
National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS)
into a more manageable and empowering experience for families.

At Alee, we’re fluent in policy language so you don’t have to be. We coordinate supports, monitor budgets, attend plan reassessment meetings, and do other pretty cool stuff. We translate policy into practical, everyday language, making it accessible and less intimidating for families.

Here’s what you can expect with our 1:1 support coordination

Personalised support

Tailoring support to meet your little person’s unique needs, including finding and connecting with suitable service providers

Interagency liaison

Acting as a bridge between agencies and advocating on behalf of your family

Budgeting and financial planning

Expert management of NDIS plans, ensuring efficient use of funds for maximum benefit

Monitoring and reviewing plans

Regular monitoring of budgets and attending plan reviews to keep the plan aligned with your babe’s changing needs

Preparation for NDIS meetings

Providing assistance in preparing for meetings with NDIS

Empowerment through knowledge

Transforming the NDIS navigation process into an empowering experience

No NDIS funding for Support Coordination? Don't Panic!

Let us assist you with the right Training for parents and caregivers.
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