Are you sick of watching your Child miss out due to the lack of NDIS Funding?

If you are a parent of a child with a disability, you’ve had these 4 words shot back at you “sorry, that’s parental responsibility.”


🤯 You ask for funding for a support worker because you are drowning – “sorry, that’s parental responsibility.”

🤯You ask for something that you saw another family in similar circumstances have – “sorry, that’s parental responsibility.”
🤯 You ask for a piece of equipment like a swing, stroller, special seating system to help your child – “sorry, that’s parental responsibility.”

Parental Responsibility does not have to mean
"burn yourself to the ground in order to care for your child."

Let me help you get more funds for your child with my 1 hour training designed to give you:

I am 99.9% confident that you will be able to use your child's existing NDIS plan to pay for this training session*

Cost $74
This is less than half an hour of therapy and something you will use for your NDIS lifetime. 

*if you are agency managed, you will not be able to claim this your child’s NDIS plan. 

Your invoice will provide codes and instructions for self and plan managers to show how this can be claimed through your child’s NDIS plan. 

What do other parents say?

“I only recently started working with Hayley and the Alee Disability team and already I feel validated and seen. One 1 hour session with Hayley and her team and already I can understand the NDIS so much better than I did before. I feel like I can advocate more for my daughter and get the best for her and our family and our future. Thank you so much Hayley already, I can’t wait to continue working with you.”

“Thank you for your advice, I used your tips to respond to a massive reduction in funding for my stepson and it when it was about 3 weeks out from tribunal hearing, we got a settlement. It truly does matter how you set out your case. Thank you”